'I Love You' Alphabet Chart
Ornament/Doorknob Pillow

Lowercase Version
Lowercase Alphabet Version stitched size 5" x 2", Sewn size 6 1/2" x 4"

Uppercase Version
Uppercase Alphabet Version stitched 3 1/4 " x 3 1/4" Sewn size: 5" x 5"

© 2012 The Posy Collection. Designer: Posy Lough. For nonprofit use only.

(Click here for a general cross-sitch instructional PDF) 

The sample was stitched with DMC floss and Charles Craft 18-count AIDA fabric
(These can be found at most craft/hobby stores)

DMC 310- Black
DMC 304- Red
DMC 906- Lime Green
DMC 3846- Turquoise

Finishing Instructions:
Recommended finishing supplies: Muslin or fabric backing. 24-inch length of 1/4" wide ecru ribbon

1. Fold 24" piece of ribbon in half. Place ribbon on right side of cross stitching in a U-shape so that ribbon ends are centered at ornament top and spaced a few inches apart. Ribbon ends should protrude upward beyond edge of cross stitching by about one inch. Pin ribbon in place.

2. Place stitching with ribbon face down on muslin.Machine stitch approximately 1/2 inch outside of cross stitching on left, top, and right sides, leaving most of bottom side unstitched. Trim to 1/4 inch seam allowance and clip corners.

3. Turn ornament right side out, loosely stuff if desired, and hand stitch bottom side closed.

4. Cut ribbon at midpoint, and tie ends in a bow.